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A few days ago a friend of mine has questioned me as to why C++ does not uses pointers everywhere.

ASIO is a really amazing library and now, with C++11 it can be used completely standalone which makes it even more attractive. Using ASIO now is much more expressive: lambdas and type inference can help a lot in making code more readable and simple. I will show you how easy ASIO makes writing server software.

C++ templates gives us, the developers, a great way to create containers and generic classes that can support a type-safe environment. Everything is good, until the time comes and you want to store multiple template specialisations inside a single containter class.

A share on my frustrations on C/C++ build system coming from Java

Building a simple C++ plugin framework using operating system-dependent dynamic libraries functions and APIs

C++ nested namespaces, contrary to popular belief, are NOT evil.